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firefox Take action to stop phone solictation in New Zealand! If a telemarketer calls you, just enter the phone number in the blank at the left. You'll be able to see whether others received similar calls. Also, you can file your own complaint about the call, keeping us up to date.

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Sept 26

1,000 Blocked Phone Numbers www.PhoneSpamFilter.co.nz thanks its users for helping identify more than 1,000 phone numbers.

Aug 5

VOIP-Asterisk Integration www.PhoneSpamFilter.co.nz publicly released phone-solicitor blocking code that works on the popular Asterisk PBX system. The integration requires under 15 minutes.

July 7

5,000 Searches! New Zealand users have submitted more than 5,000 searches for telemarketer phone numbers. Those searches are making www.PhoneSpamFilter.co.nz a useful resource for all.

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02 73337333 - Anonymous possibly scammer


02 040397229 - Anonymous Possibly SCAM call


09 2961074 - Lawren pre-recorded life insurance spam-bullshit.


0800 250850 - C F Got a letter in the mail with my name and the "urgent please call" bs everyone else seems to be getting. Going to ignore this as a previous poster has mentioned, if it really is urgent they know where to find me haha.


09 9096783 - work Indian man rung the business number, asking for the wrong name, then asked for the business owner. He was not put through, then rung up hours later and hung up once we answered with the same greeting. Rung the number back to hear "the number you have ...