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(04) 472 5332 - Complaint Log

10 Complaints



Bianca Got a number for her manager, apparently 04 973 4949. Extremely rude horrible women. Phoned 5x in 3 days. Enough is enough.


annon this bitch calls me 3 times, no intro or anything and just starts yelling. Knows all my details but doesn't give her details out. Would love to get her managers details to let them know how shit she actually is!


Andrea This lady calls, she doesn't say hello or anything just 'is so and so there'. I tell her the person she wants to speak to has since moved on. She then demands 'Who's your General Manager then?'. I tell her, she then says 'Put me through to them'. I say they're not in the office, can I please take a message? To which she says 'No.' and hangs up. Given our line of work, we can't be rude to people - I thought she was calling to make a complaint about one of our staff which is why she didn't want to leave details. I Googled the number and the first thing that came up was this site, so having read through the previous feedback, I'm well prepared for when she calls back. Holy wowser she was so blunt and obnoxious!!


Amber … and she calls for the third time. Today on a Saturday at 6.00pm. She was again extremely rude. She started firing questions, speaking abruptly over top of me. She won't tell you anything about her company or even it's function. She did say they don't advertise. So odd. How do we stop this woman. How did she get our details. She is so horrible.


Sarah OMG she is so incredibly RUDE! I got the same nasty woman. I wish I wasn't so polite to her. It's hard to know if someone is prank calling our type of industry or not, so you live in fear of not being super helpful. What a cow!! Wonder what would happen if I called her back!!??


AJ Some directory wanting to update their details. Very annoying


Anna Wow this lady is so incredibly rude. She told me she was from the What, when , how business directory. I have never heard of it. I have no idea how she got our number. As the other poster said she talks over top of you demanding your address before even identifying who she is or where the heck she is from. So odd. She is detremental to her employer and should be let go. I really hope she callsback so I can tell her how it is.


Gaylene H Christine would be the rudest person I have spoken to in a long time. To think she is doing marketing for NZ Business Association is astonishing. Her name appears on this link and for other numbers. I found her so rude when she first started talking / yelling at me with absolutely no introduction as to who she was and when I asked her which company she was from - Maketing for NZ Business she would not tell me her name or a phone number. I did have caller ID and when I phoned to speak to someone else - wow she takes the cake for ruder than rude. There was so much I thought was rude about her that I can't list it but the fact that she has been named here and other sites (and wow feedback is shameful, really not sure how she is still employed) I did try to get another number, name or email address from her but she wouldn't tell me a thing and said she can handle it. "No you can only speak to me" If you find a contact number for her employer please ph me on 0212347659 as I believe this should be a written complaint to her employer.


anon there are other complaints about this bitch from another number on this site


Trudie Abrahams Her name is Christine, she is extremely rude. She rung the business line, didnt introduce herself or which company she was ringing on behalf of. She starting firing questions of the postal address and physical address, then starting asking questions about the email addresses, I asked what the reason is for the questions, or nature of the enquiry, and she abruptly spoke over me, didnt answer my question the first time, continued to ask me questions, I then asked a 3rd time, and finally was told that they were updating their records for businesses, I told her that we dont conduct these types of calls on this line and for any further information you would need to call the head office. (I am in a call centre and the line needs to open for customers and potential customers, not surveys or telemarketers, as you dont know how long these are going to be, or what they will intentionally use the information for, eg. junk mail) She rung back 5mins later asking more information, this time about an ex CEO, not introducing herself, and acting like she knew him, wanting ph info, and email info. I asked what it was in regards to, she demanded to get the info, when I went to explain that the CEO is actually based in Australia, she then told me to give her the website info, which I told her she can go to our website and email her enquiry from there, she HUNG up on me. I RUNG her back, and had told her I found her very abrasive, and very rude, we do not conduct surveys or research over the work line, and she told me I was rude, very unhelpful, I asked her for the company name she was ringing on behalf of, and she said NO, she then told me that these were very basic direct questions and couldnt understand why I wouldnt give her the info, I said that she didnt introduce herself and to be fair we do not conduct surveys over the phone hence why I told her the head office phone number. I told her not to call us again. Extreeeeeemly RUDE and really ABRASIVE.

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