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0800 356 535 - Complaint Log

23 Complaints



Bob Vialle received a letter addressed to an unknown person with my address on it. Regarding an urgent matter. I phoned the 0800 number and it was Baycorp.


Sarah I got a letter with my tenants name on, but sent to my address. No info, just URGENT matter, call 0800 356 535 and a customer number. Dodgy


Anonymous I have had more than one letter with this number on them some had my name on them and some did not just said "household" or something of that sort... open them and it doesn't say anything but my name address and a ref number.... i write really nasty letters and place them inside the envelopes and seal them back up and mark return to sender.... I will not talk to ANYONE if they will not give me information.... i ill not be scammed.... if they have this information then they will also have my phone numbers... because of lack of information this number has been reported to my local police station with copies of the letters sent... I do not care if they are posing as baycorp.. if they can send this letter then they can send it with official logos, hand written signature and their personal number within the company before i will accept this... it should be illegal to soliciate in such ways.....


Don Don't know how they got my name and address, received a piece of paper ask me to call back. It is a scam for sure.!!!


Matt Had a small card arrive with a made up name yet our family surname on it. Asking to call about an "urgent matter". Said nothing else. I won't be ringing it.


Anna I received 3 letters today saying to call this number regarding a person I have never heard off, quoting Leslie and 3 different reference numbers. Screams scam so not calling to find out!! If it was genuine they would have sent to a person, not to "the householder"


Peter Cooper had 3 phone calls a month and 4 letters a month, and 1 of the calls was at 11:30 pm, they wouldnt say who they were or who they worked for. Very dodgy. i told them if they called me again i would take them to court for harassment..they havent called back


this is weird Received a letter asking to call this number regarding an urgent matter. As it was not addressed to me personally (to "The Household") I will not be responding. Very fishy.


Vik This is Baycorp, not sure why they use a different number to what is on there website, but I called the 0800 BAYCORP number and gave the reference from the text and it matched up.


Whanau Living In Perth recieved a letter today marked Privat and Confidential - Asking me to phone them regarding an Urgent matter. I no longer live in NZ and was really puzzled when this letter came. There was no reference quoted only a name: Lesley?? As we live in OZ, we can not phone 0800 numbers so i will be discarding this letter. i advise others to do so.

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