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(09) 909 6783 - Complaint Log

18 Complaints



Kaye Indian woman called pretending to be from General Electric about a conference. They ask ' is Mr --- still the 'estimator/applicable job position' at your company and can I have his email. I asked one very persistent woman if it was a scam as someone else had called earlier in the week asking for someone else and I simply hung up. When she feigned innocence I hung up but she was audacious enough to call again - twice. I then checked with the staff member if he knew anything about it which he didn't and then googled the number to see all these complaints. Don't be taken in by them.


Han John called tonight. He wanted to give me more customers. He was from New Zealand business association. I asked him if he wanted Coffee, he asked me if I wanted customers. I asked him where I could send the coffee, he a gave me the address of a shop I used to own.......


work Indian man rung the business number, asking for the wrong name, then asked for the business owner. He was not put through, then rung up hours later and hung up once we answered with the same greeting. Rung the number back to hear "the number you have dialled is not in service, please check the number and call again"


Dee Called a number of times and never leaves a message.


Harry Number is a redirect service. They could be calling from anywhere in the world. This is too stay anonymous.


Mark Indian dude called, confirmed my company name, and then hang p. Called him back to find out who it was and number is listed as 'not active'. Definitely a Spammer!


Bryan Really frustrating, my phone company blocked our account because they thought we had suspicious activity because we kept receiving calls from this stupid number, we had calls forwarding on to the USA, cost us heaps in lost revenue because our phones are still down.


Sean Phoned 6 times on my business 0800 number, couldn't hear what anyone was saying, they waited on the phone a couple of minutes and then hung up. Cost me $10.48 + GST


Anonymous Dodgy - said she was calling from Hong Kong wanted to give me some investment information.


Anonymous Had a call from an indian woman saying she was calling from Inland Revenue and that I was due a $6k refund. She started to give me a no. to call to claim - all i got was 04 - but when I cut her off saying would I not see this in my online accout, she hung up.

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