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  • Julie Hermes - 16-7-2021 12:44:12AM

    have missed 2 calls and called NSH. They confirm is one of their numbers but cannot help me find who is trying to phone me. Thanks

  • Tash - 30-6-2014 2:56:39AM

    THIS IS THE HOSPITAL, it's not spam - I have been waiting for a call and yes it's from them. It's is a generalised number throughout the hospital and isn't specific to a department.

  • Anneke - 26-6-2014 1:55:06AM

    I understand that this is the number for Waitemata District Health Board. However if someone, particularly if the are calling regarding my health/an appointment, they should have the courtesy to leave a msg with a number i can phone them back on. Not good enough

  • misha ko - 7-2-2014 8:34:38PM

    Got a phone call this morning. No way I would ezpect a phone call from NSH bcuz I live in Southland

  • Dave - 25-11-2013 12:47:17AM

    Hi This number is legit it is either North Shore Hospital or someone from Waitemata Disctrict Health trying to contact you. Odds are you may have an outpaitent clinic appointment and they are ringing to confirm or change it. Call them on 09 4868900 to sort it for you

  • Kris - 17-5-2013 4:02:52AM

    THIS IS NORTH SHORE HOSPITAL OUTGOING LINE. I work within the health sector and this is the number that shows on outgoing calls I receive from North Shore Hospital.

  • Rebecca - 1-5-2013 10:21:14PM

    Same complaint about this number calling my cellphone. Missed the call, tried to call back and the number is not supported, blah blah blah. Annoying!!!

  • Louise Martin - 14-11-2012 3:50:00AM

    This number is NOT a telemarketer! It is the Child Development Bookings number for the Waitamata DHB (for both North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals). If you get a call from this number, call 839 0000 and ask to be put through to "Child Development Bookings". I received a call from this number today and they left no message. I was rather annoyed and eventually found out who called by finding this page and realizing it may be for an appointment (I had been waiting for an appointment for my son for aspergers assessment). So if you are waiting for an appointment and they have a cancellation, they may try to call you. BUT... because they are trying to fill that cancelled spot ASAP, if you're not there to answer the phone, they call the next number on their list instead - they don't usually call back. Hope this info helps!!

  • 2-10-2012 12:59:03AM

    This number is NSH – when someone calls from any of the departments at the hospital this number shows up but cannot be called back because it isn't directly associated with one department or person within the hospital. I think this is to prevent people from accessing personal details or extensions i.e. - Telemarketers.

  • Phillip - 19-9-2012 12:34:14AM

    Wasn't able to take call. Called back later, and automatic reply advises. "I'm sorry, caller ID not supported" x 2 then hangs up. Weird

  • Linda - 5-9-2012 6:00:26AM

    phoned my husbands cellphone, called it back, message that the number is not supported...others say its NSH, but we would not be expecting a call from them, so doubtful...

  • Ali - 4-9-2012 3:18:37AM

    Twice now I've missed calls from this number. No voice message. North Shore Hospital say it's their number but they have no way of knowing who might have called me. I have elderly/unwell relatives in the north Auckland area and have to ring around them all to make sure everyone's OK.

  • Bob - 26-8-2012 10:00:01PM

    Not a complaint - This is a number for the North Shore Hospital

  • Aaron - 30-7-2012 1:36:44AM

    had a missed call from this number and no Voice message, called the mback and had a New zealand Sounding guy say ID not supported or something along those lines saying it twice and then hangs up. People say its North Shore Hospital but I don't think so.

  • Joy - 26-6-2012 3:28:29AM

    Have received today two calls from this number on my cell phone. When I called the number it said it wasn't supported by caller ID....Phoned again from my land line and the same man saying this number was not supported by caller ID. What is that supposed to mean?

  • Kristin - 11-5-2012 6:33:26AM

    Makes sense that it was North Shore Hospital as I was there today. I just phoned the number back and got someone who couldn't speak english so I thought it was a prank - until I googled the number and found this.

  • 13-4-2012 1:25:21AM

  • Vee - 10-4-2012 6:03:13PM

    this number rings my cell phone number at 5.30am in the morning, just so i can listen to dead silence then someone pressing a button on their phone. then when i ring the number i get some dodgy sounding guy repeating a stupid message. then when they hang up, they ring my partners cell phone, where are they getting the cell phone numbers from????? how is it possible that they getting our information??? i feel telecom should disconnect this number seeing that there is alot of complaints

  • natalie - 23-3-2012 11:05:11PM

    have had a call from this number before but i have no idea who it is and they left a message saying hi natalie its narini give me a call on my mobile....... who is narini?????????

  • Anne-Maree Angell - 20-3-2012 11:43:25PM

    Freaken annoying... ringing and didn't get to answer it.. rang back and get told not supported etc... pain in the arse

  • Hayden - 5-3-2012 12:21:10AM

    Called me at work today but I missed the call. Phoned it back and some dodgy guy with a message repeated twice stating that Caller Line Identification is not supported.

  • Monique - 31-1-2012 9:59:10PM

    Indian sounding lady called my mobile and said she was calling from North Shore Hospital and said I had left a message but I know I hadn't, I don't even have credit on my mobile!! And then the same lady called back but this time the number was private and asked if she could speak to Justine, "WRONG NUMBER" I yelled at her. Whatever telco is providing these people with access to our telephone airwaves should be ashamed of themselves because if my identity is stolen you'd better believe I will be coming after you!!!!

  • Kunal - 2-11-2011 10:41:24PM

    NOT A COMPLAINT - I think this is North Shore Hospital. Probably best that you answer the call

  • Tara - 27-9-2011 9:41:30PM

    This number called my phone and left a message!!! It is the hospital – when someone calls from any of the departments at the hospital this number shows up but cannot be called back because it isn’t directly associated with one department or person within the hospital. I would also say it is the number that shows up even when a patient rings from the public phone within the hospital. The same thing happens at my work – when we call from any extension or department the same phone number will show up (which is our main reception). I think this is to prevent people from accessing personal details or extensions i.e. - Telemarketers.

  • Philippa Boaler - 20-9-2011 11:06:24PM

    This number called me while I was driving.When I was able to call the back it said that ID was unsupported! who is this number??

  • Steve - 20-9-2011 8:24:11AM

    Two missed calls and when you ring back, got the message that the number is not supported !

  • Llewellyn Giles - 1-9-2011 8:06:26AM

    phoned and hung up - blocked in my voip system

  • Chrissy Runciman - 24-8-2011 5:03:42AM

    Same as everyone else, my mobile rang while I was driving, when I went to call the number (missed call) back it said there was no id. Tried it from my landline as well with the same message. Glad to know it was nothing important.

  • L.OLIVER - 4-8-2011 10:14:24PM

    someone mentioned this is North Shore Hospital- just missed a call from this number and i am indeed expecting the hospital to contact me, this could be them? no message was left and unable to call back

  • Wynne - 19-7-2011 11:32:55PM

    I have had the same problem as others with this phone number calling my mobile 20 July 2011

  • Erin - 20-6-2011 2:13:16AM

    Have the same problem as everyone else with this number. Have learnt to ignore it. Calls my mobile and when I don't answer, calls my home number straight away. Very annoying!!!!

  • Sarah - 17-6-2011 4:59:48AM

    Glad I found this, just tried using landline and 2 different mobiles but call was rejected for no id. Glad to find it was spam and not a potential customer.

  • maria - 31-5-2011 7:26:59AM

    missed 2 calls from this number and tried to call back but message was number is unsupported

  • Sam - 6-5-2011 1:40:24AM

    this person has phoned my cell phone 10 times today. I havent answered, they havent left a message and when I try to ring back I cant (same as everyone else).... anyone know who this is or what they want?

  • mina - 5-5-2011 7:43:51PM

    got a call while driving so couldnt answer. then when i rang back the message said caller id not supported and then it hung up. who is this guy and how did he get my number?

  • Stephanie - 29-4-2011 1:45:19AM

    this number called my cellphone. When I tried to call back it said this number was unsupported.

  • raymond - 19-4-2011 5:16:10AM

    I got called at 10.45pm last night... was exhausted after a long day at work. Tried to ring back when I finally managed to get up (by which time, he had hung up) to get the "message"! Shouldn't Telecom ban this guy!

  • shaun - 14-4-2011 6:46:52AM

    mobile phone was on charger couldn't answer tried to call back area not supported hang up

  • Isabella - 4-4-2011 10:49:09AM

    Same here couldnt answer it at the time...just tried to check the number on the internet as the area code was not familiar to me and stumbled apon this compliant page...I get the same message.

  • Aaron - 24-1-2011 11:46:48PM

    This is North Shore hospital

  • captain - 11-1-2011 2:30:37AM

    Tried to ring back laterand it just says ,sorry no caller id and hangs up!

  • Molly - 6-1-2011 6:14:28AM

    Mobile phone rang at 11.53 on 24th Dec. I couldn't answer phone but tried to ring back and was told "This Number is not supported" and it hung up.

  • Colin - 7-12-2010 6:59:55AM

    prick rang me on mobile while i was driving.Triied to ring back laterand it just says ,sorry no caller id and hangs up!

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